bio - Telling Tales Photography

Telling Tales Photography was aptly named by Cleveland based photographer Adam Grindler in his pursuit to capture those “telling” moments of animals, humans, and the environment that surrounds us. Adam believes that a photograph has the inherent ability to tell a story, and that the nature of a candid photo allows for a unique and natural portrayal of humans and animals, both domesticated and wild. He is one to snap a photo when you least expect it — when attentions are elsewhere — perhaps when fixed on something or someone unique to the moment at hand. Adam’s interest in approaching photography in this way stemmed from quiet observation with camera in hand during gatherings of family and friends. This approach continued as he took particular interest in observing the many moods and personalities of man's best friend. With the emergence of Telling Tales Photography, Adam continues his desire to capture unique perspectives on man, animal, and the tiniest details of the world around us.  Please consult the Services page to learn how Telling Tales Photography can match your vision. 

5th Street Self Portrait
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